Join the Club!


Have you ever been part of a MOVEMENT of purposeful people?

The first book, Choose Your Super Power, is just the beginning of the movement toward rocking our Super Selves through our Super Purpose.  Make no mistake, it really is a super-power!  This is the first step in a much larger vision.  Allow me to share that vision with you here...

I intend to create a community of people, around the world, who have defined, developed and deployed their Life Purposes to serve their world, large or small.  By connecting people of different ages, locations, races, nationalities, aptitudes socioeconomic backgrounds and more, we have the ability to come together to create much more for ourselves and others.  We can wake those around us from their trance and live the lives we were meant to lead!

If you want to be part of that movement, be sure to sign up on Facebook at The Super Guild, a closed community of people pursuing this same objective in our vastly different ways.  Sign up for the email list as well and you will here about the next steps and be able to proactively interact and provide feedback for future books in the series.

I give tremendous thanks to my amazing launch team for the CYSP book and look forward to finding others who would like to be part of future writing projects as well.  So far, two books are in the planning stages:  one for people approaching and in traditional retirement years, and another for people ages 18-30.  Any other ideas?  Please share!